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Welcome to Ayaansh Chemicals, We combine cutting-edge innovation with steadfast reliability in the field of industrial gases. Since our establishment in 2019, we’ve quickly risen to become a leading importer and distributor across India.
Our commitment to forward-thinking solutions and top-tier services sets us apart. We specialize in high-quality chemicals for a range of industries, including Cosmetics, Explosives, Oil Lubricants, and Textile Auxiliaries.

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Industrial Gases

Enhance your operations with our premium-grade industrial gases, guaranteeing precision, efficiency, and dependable performance.
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Medical Gases

Raise healthcare standards with our medical gases, ensuring that every breath exemplifies excellence.
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Food Grade Gases

Redefine possibilities with our FLAMOXY specialty gas, meticulously crafted for diverse and precise applications.
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Mixtures & Speciality Gases

Unlock new possibilities with FLAMOXY specialty gas, expertly designed for a wide range of precise applications.
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Surfactants, which are primarily utilized as emulsifiers in a variety of applications, are traded by Ayaansh Chemicals.
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Gas Equipment

Embrace innovation confidently with our state-of-the-art gas equipment, meticulously crafted for optimal precision and efficiency.
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High Purity Gases

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Oxygen (O2) is a crucial, invisible component of air, making up about 20.94% by volume. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless, essential for most life forms to breathe


Nitrogen, a nonflammable gas, makes up 78.09% of the air we breathe and is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, making it unsuitable for combustion.


Argon (Ar) is a monatomic, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic gas with a concentration of just under 1% in the atmosphere.


Helium is a highly specialized product with chemical inertity, non-flammability, high thermal conductivity, low molecular weight, and the lowest known boiling point.


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a mildly poisonous, odorless, colorless gas with a strong, acidic flavor. Carbon dioxide is a small but significant component of air.


Hydrogen, a colorless, odorless, tasteless, flammable, and nontoxic gas, is abundant on Earth but found in water compounds.


Medical Gases

Essential for respiratory support, oxygen plays a vital role in various medical procedures and emergency situations, ensuring that patients receive the oxygenation.

The photo is suitable to use for industry background photography, power plant poster and electricity content media.

Food Grade Gases

This method aims to enhance combustion in ovens/burners, promote yeast and aerobic bacteria growth, and oxidize.

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Rare Gases

Explore our extensive range of industrial gases, meticulously crafted to enhance efficiency, safety, and precision across a spectrum of sectors.

Modern chemical industrial equipment, pipelines with valves for pumping liquids of oil, gasoline and diesel at an oil refinery petrochemical plant. AI generated.


Our expert team has designed and developed a premium fuel blend, combining high-octane hydrocarbons, imported catalysts, and special heavy hydrocarbons for top-notch performance.


Industrial & Medical Equipment

Medical gas manufacturing is crucial for the healthcare industry, ensuring a consistent and standardized supply of essential medical gases.


Turnkey Solutions & Consultancy

We ensure the success of all projects through meticulous planning, scheduling, and ongoing monitoring, ensuring effective and timely implementation.

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We cover everything from industrial gases to equipment. Check our options or directly contact us for our full range of gases, equipment, and services.


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Food & Oleoresins, PVC & CPVC pipes and fitting manufacturers.
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