Founder of Ayaansh Chemicals Meenakshi Kapoor

Meenakshi Kapoor’s journey began with a solid foundation in the sciences, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Maharani’s College in 2009. Despite her initial focus on biology, her curiosity and passion for understanding the fundamental properties of matter led her down the path of chemistry.
However, it was after embarking on her professional journey that Meenakshi truly began to carve out her unique trajectory. Following her undergraduate studies, she pursued an MBA in 2011, recognizing the importance of complementing her technical expertise with strategic business acumen.
Entering the industrial gas and chemical sector, Meenakshi found herself immersed in a world where innovation and strategic planning were paramount. With a dedication fueled by her inherent curiosity and a drive to make a significant impact, she quickly rose through the ranks, leveraging her knowledge and skills to drive growth and transformation within the industry.

Yet, amidst her achievements and successes, Meenakshi harbored a desire for something different, something bigger. She yearned to push the boundaries of what was possible and to spearhead initiatives that would not only revolutionize the sector but also leave a lasting legacy.
With a keen focus on innovation and strategic planning, Meenakshi set her sights on new horizons, determined to chart a course that would not only elevate her own career but also propel the industry forward into a future defined by progress and possibility. Armed with her expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment, Meenakshi Kapoor embarked on a journey to redefine the very essence of success in the industrial gas and chemical sector.